An Inside Look -- A guide to the cemeteries & crematoriums around Sydney

    This is a collection of posts where I look at the cemeteries and crematoriums around Sydney.  The reason I started these posts was to deal with the confusion and misconceptions about the cemeteries.  But also as a helpful guide for mourners.  I explain things like how they operate, who owns and operates them, how to get in and out, how to find parking and much more.

    As always I will regularly update this page as I write new posts.

Castlebrook Memorial Park
    An odd place in Western Sydney owned by InvoCare.  It has a large round about in the center which has side roads leading to every part of the cemetery.  Yet it decides not to properly label these side roads or where they go.  Overall it is a nice place, but can be confusing at first.

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park (aka Botany Cemetery & Crematorium)
    One of the older cemeteries and crematoriums.  With great scenery and wonderful art deco architecture it is a good place.  It is actually a great place to park if going to the beach, and makes for a lovely walk.  There is also an interesting land battle going on quietly behind the scenes.

Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium
    While the cemetery is old the crematorium is one of the newest (and 'arguably' best) in Sydney.  It is often mixed up with 'Northern Suburbs Crematorium' as they are close and use to share a similar name.  This place is very modern, practical, versatile, and good value.

Northern Suburbs Crematorium
    An old crematorium, and a lovely place with great gardens and an historic atmosphere.  A nice place with nice staff, although certain chapels are impractical for certain funerals.

Pinegrove Cemetery & Crematorium
    This is a relatively modern place owned and operated by InvoCare.  It is also a very important part of the InvoCare structure as this is where they do a lot of the staff training.  InvoCare also use Pinegrove as a transfer point when transferring bodies over long distances.  Overall it is a decent cemetery and good crematorium.

    The largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world.  So large it is broken into groups and run by different organisation.  Within Rookwood are different crematoriums, churches, offices and cemeteries.  Making it possibly the most diverse cemetery in the world.

Waverley Cemetery
    Hands down the most beautiful cemetery in Sydney.  It could even be argued to be one of the most beautiful places in Sydney.  Yet unfortunately it is a cemetery, so too many people avoid it.  This is a great place for a walk, a stunning place best experience before lunchtime while the sun is still in the East.

Woronora Cemetery & Crematorium
    A large cemetery and crematorium in the Shire area of Sydney.  It is an older cemetery, and one of the easier to navigate and get in or out of.

    I will only be looking at public and active places.  There are so many little cemeteries which are fascinating, but they are mostly inaccesible for the public.



  1. Anonymous11/7/13 09:54

    You left out the most impressive crematorium of them all with modern state-of-the-art facilities being Mary Mother of Mercy Chapel and crematorium at Rookwood.

    This is by far and away the most spectacular chapel and crematorium in Sydney.

    1. Mary Mother of mercy is certainly impressive, but I do covered it as part of Rookwood Cemetery. I debated doing separate posest on the key places within Rookwood, but there would be too much to talk about. It has the most high tech crematorium (Mary Mother of Mercy), the first crematorium in NSW (Rookwood Gardens) and much more. Plus at the time I had few photos from inside the crematorium. So I decided to treat everything within Rookwood as one and do a single big post. You can also see more about Rookwood and Mary Mother of Mercy in my post about the 2012 Rookwood open day:

      Maybe in the future I'll revisit it and do separate posts for the different places within Rookwood, and add more cemeteries from around Sydney like Field of Mars. But that won't be for a while due to a lack of time.


  2. I see leppington forest lawns is not on your list I found it stunning

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