Inside the Lady Anne Hearse

    Not long ago we looked at how to tell hearses apart and how to identify a hearse.  As such it's only appropriate that we look at the hearse in detail, explore inside the hearse.

   And it should be nice to end hearse month with another picture based post!


Guest Post - Meeting the hearse

    Here's another guest post, I thought it was a worth sharing another perspective of seeing the hearse for the first time as an undertaker.  To also see what they think are the "dos" and "don'ts" of the hearse; it's always informative to understand how others view the hearse.


Possible reason for Diversity in the Hearse

    Previously I discussed what the public do not look for in a hearse, that generally the public looks at the symbolism rather than the physical appearance.  As such the public have little knowledge in the physical side of the hearse, despite the significance of the hearse.

    I suspect this is the reasons there is such a diversity of the hearses in Sydney.


What the Public Don't See in the Hearse

    In the last post I discussed the symbolism and significance of the hearse to the mourners.  There was no doubt by the end that the hearse is a very important vehicle for mourners.  Yet at the same time there is a discrepancy with what mourners see and what the hearse is.

    Despite the significance placed on the hearse many aspets are overlooked.


Symbolism & Significance of the Hearse

    The hearse has an odd relationship with the public.  On one hand the hearse is seen as highly symbolic, wrapped up in meaning and significance, representing a variety of things from death to tradition.  Yet at the same time the public only takes a short glance at the hearse, looking upon it briefly and noticing little past the colour.

    In this post I look at how the public sees the hearse, from my admittedly limited research into this area.


The Hearse - In the eyes of the funeral industry

    To those within the industry the hearse is such a significant thing, from a thing of pride to part of identity.  It is a complex thing to the funeral industry, and much more than just a transporter of coffins.


The Hearse as a Source of Comfort

    In a way the hearse is a rather important part of the funeral service itself, as the hearse comes to separate and define the different stages of the funeral.  The hearse actually establishes and demonstrates the boundaries, physical and mental, of the stages to the funeral.


Rookwood by Night

    Rookwood Cemetery is open until 9pm through Summer every year (until 31st of March).  I have found Rookwood to be extra beautiful and atmospheric after dark, so why not take full advantage of the extended hours.

    I will be doing a little exploration of Rookwood with a couple of undertaker friends next Tuesday (19th March).  Anyone interested is welcome along, we're a small but fun group!

When: 19th March (Tuesday) - 7:30pm to 8:45pm.
Where: Reflections Cafe (by the East Gate).  Google map of the location.

    This is rather short notice, but maybe some others might find time to join us.  You can register interest via the blog facebook.  Or email me (email provided below).  Or simply come along, if late simply email me as it will go through to my phone.



The Hearse - Telling them apart

    Those outside the funeral industry (as in those who have never worked for a funeral company) cannot tell hearse's apart.  Even a few within the funeral industry can have trouble identifying different hearses.

    So here is a post on how to identify a hearse.  In this post I look closely at each of the main tell-tale features of various hearses.  From the style of the roof to the wing doors.  After reading this post anyone could easily identify a hearse!


Hearse Month & No Posts This Week

    My ethics stuff is due on the 5th of march, and this is the first week back to uni.  So between that uni work and other stuff I'm a bit busy lately.  As such there won't be any posts this week...  I will instead take this week to really focus on the coming month properly.

    This month will be about the hearse, all posts will focus on the hearse in some way.  Basically in exploring the funeral industry I have found the Australian hearse to be often overlooked.  Well, we look at it, but rarely take time to discuss it in detail.

    It would be very hard to dispute the importance of the hearse for the funeral industry; it's both an emotional symbol and practical necessity.   Despite this I have had issue finding much about the hearse in terms of history on the funeral industry, and the hearse is often left out of contemporary discussions about the funeral industry.  We discuss the rise of cremation, space in cemeteries, merits of embalming, merchandising of funeral home, and more.  So why not changes to the hearse?  Why did the introduction of the duel-cab hearse get ignored?  Why don't we talk about how each funeral home uses a specific brand of hearse as part of its identity?

    The hearse is a vital and inseparable part of the social identity of the funeral industry.  Yet somehow we have separated it from discourse about the funeral industry.  So get ready, I'll be focusing on the hearse all month!  Some posts might get 'theoretical' or 'abstract' as I will be looking at social imagery and theory behind the hearse.  But a few should be practical and fun, and there will be nice pictures!

    A big thank you to Lady Anne Funerals, once again stepping up to the mark and helping to provide quality content for the upcoming month!  From photos to information they are always happy to take time and help out.



The Day That Hearses Ruled the World

    As part of my dive into the history of the funeral industry in Australia I noticed a lack of information on the Australian hearse.  Which, considering the importance of the hearse, was odd.  As such the next few posts will be focusing on the Australian hearse!

    And what better way to start than with video from a hearse enthusiast group!  Every year 'The Phantom Coaches Hearse Club' hold a fun looking event called 'The Day That Hearses Ruled the World' where basically hearse owners and enthusiasts gather.  It's a great display of vintage and cool American style hearses, and of the enthusiasm people have for the hearse.

    Below are two videos of the event, check them out!


Lack of History About the Australian Hearse

    Recently I put together this short history of the funeral industry, in it I note that there is a serious absence of the hearse.   In this post I discuss this absence of such an important part of the industry.