Funeral Fun - Leaky coffin

    We set off to the crematorium, the regular driver of this hearse was on another job as a car driver.  So today two conductors were in the hearse with me.  Upon arriving at the crematorium we got the coffin out, carried it inside and puit it on the catafalque.

     After placing the coffin down I turned around and saw one or two pinky splash marks on the floor.  I instantly knew they were most likely from the coffin.  They looked fresh and where right where we had carried the coffin.  I immediately told the conductor, who then very subtly went up and felt the coffin.  It was dry around all sides, so if it had leaked it was not still leaking.  Next we went to inspect the hearse.

    Sure enough there was a small puddle in the back where the coffin had been.  The pink and sticky fluid sat there proudly.  Better still it had also slipped through the rollers into the underneath of the hearse (where we kept many handy things such as tables, umbrellas, chairs, and so on).  In other words this fluid was all through his hearse.

    Due to the schedule this hearse then spent the rest of the day sitting in the summer sun.  Nobody had time to clean the fluids out, so they baked on.  When we brought the hearse back to the garage and informed the driver he was not happy.  He always tried to take care of his hearse, always looked after it and felt for it.  So to find it with sticky and not hard pinkish fluids all through made him upset.

    Naturally we all suddenly had lots of work to do and were unable to help him clean the fluids.  But we did pop by every now and then to tell him if he had missed a spot.

    Overall it was a rather funny and unusual event.  Well, funny for everyone except the hearse driver, although even he saw the humour.



  1. I'm confused... what was the pinkish liquid?

  2. Body fluids of some sort, most likely blood I suspect.



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