Britain's Youngest Undertaker

    This is a fun little documentary about the youngest undertaker in Britain.  She is only just in high school but joins her father at his funeral company.

Britains Youngest Undertaker

    Two things struck me about this documentary.  The first was how everyone talked about embalming.  They were so hesitant and put off by it despite working in the funeral industry.  I have come across many undertaker who would never want to be embalmers, but none ever spoke of it like this.  For me it was just strange how put off they were by embalming.  The second thing that stood out was at the 20:56 mark when the father admitted that he was happy to have two young and pretty girls working at his funeral home.  How they would bring in more business due to being young and pretty.  The age and gender of his daughters was obviously a reason he was promoting them, encouraging them, and something he was using.  He was using their age and gender to sell the business.

    This is something that happens all the time in the funeral industry.  Gender is a selling point, just look at White lady Funerals who advertise all female staff.


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