Hit & Run in Rookwood

    Recently I found a car involved in a hit and run at Rookwood.  It was only a small accident, but it does go to show how Rookwood is an active place full of people.  Not a silent cemetery which some perceive it to be.

    I was driving along, doing my usual thing of exploring the place and watching how people interact with it.  When I happened upon several police officers standing around a car with what looked like the owner or a witness.  As I drove past I noticed the car had some decent damage to the front drivers section, missing its wing mirror and side indicator.

No more wing mirror or side indicator.
    Later I was driving past the area again, and noticed the car was still there.  So I decided to stop by the flower shop and ask if they knew the story.  It turned out the car belonged to the person working in the shop.  He said he was working inside when a truck side-swiped his car, and drove off.  Unfortunately he did not see it happen, or even see the truck.

Decent damage to the body.
    He was quite happy for me to take photos and upload them to the blog.  It was surprising how well he took it, saying how accidents happen.  When I asked him about it he shrugged his shoulders and said how the panel beater would fix it no problem.  He didn't appear that phased, maybe a bit unhappy but for the most part he was taking it in good stride.

    It was unfortunate as his car was not out from the curb, and it was a fairly wide road.  It must have been hit with some force as there were bits of the indicator a decent distance up the road.

The car is not out from the curb and it is a wide road.
There were bits of indicator a decent distance from the car.
    So there you go, accidents do happen, even in cemeteries.


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