Alternative Memorialising with Heinz

    A while ago Heinz launched the myHeinz site where you can make custom messages on Heinz bottles.  At the time I thought nothing of it and barely even noticed it, until someone recently had a rather amusing suggestion.  To use this as a way of memorialising the dead!

    In theory one could have memorial messages or photos printed on Heinz bottles, and use them at the funeral or later to remember the deceased.  It certainly would be quite different, possibly amusing.  This idea made me wonder about other alternative forms of memorialising, we customise coffins with things like LifeArt, so why not customise other things not intended for funerals.  We do it with flowers, design their arrangements based on personal tastes and attached messages, so why not a tomatoe sauce bottle?  For that matter why not other things?

    Either way, the suggestion of using a tomatoe sauce bottle for a funeral memorialisation amused me immensely, and is certainly something I could get behind.

    Maybe it could be used by funeral homes as a form of advertising, they already hand out amusing and strange stuff as it is.  I have seen letter openers, rulers, chocolates, pens, even a cheese slicer!  So again I ask; why not on a tomatoe sauce bottle?  Or a lego set for that matter.

    Currently Heinz only ship within the United States, so no availability for Australia, and I have no idea if Heinz ever intend to ship to Australia.  But it would be fun if they did.


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  1. This would definitely be interesting. I think it would definitely be a bit of a delicate situation though. It would be important to make sure that the person who passed away was okay with this idea. Beyond that, you'll need to be wary of people who could get offended. A sense of humor, or a relaxed view on death would help a lot with this.


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