Event - Hidden Sculpture Walk at Rookwood

    Every year Rookwood Cemetery is host to a sculpture walk called 'Hidden'. Sculptures are scattered throughout the Anglican section of the cemetery, using their surroundings as part of the sculpture itself in many cases.

Where: All Saints Chapel, on Hawthorne Ave, Rookwood Cemetery. Near the Anglican office.
When: 11:00am Saturday, on the 21st of September.

    The event is completely free and good fun, the path to follow is no always perfectly clear and sculptures can be hard to find (hidden in a sense). Which creates a fun feeling of exploration and adventure, and because of this every time you go you'll have a very different experience.

    Below I have photos from Hidden last year.

These are the markers used last year to show where the path was.
Another marker from last year on the grass.
    You can follow this event on the blog facebook page here.

    Hidden homepage with more information.

    Below are some photos of various sculptures I took at Hidden last year. I can't include a photo of every sculpture as there were too many, and I never found every single one even after going several times.

The sign in and information table at the closing ceremony.

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