The Walker Group

    The Walker Group, as I call them, is a growing funeral company in Sydney, and it's about time I discussed them. So this is a post describing what I know of this growing company.

    The Walker Group Pty Ltd was established in 1995, yet it has grown considerably in recent years through acquiring existing funeral homes (similar to the method used by InvoCare). Currently the Walker Group owns; Albert & Meyer Funerals Funerals, Bernard Laverty Funerals, James Murray Funerals, Joseph Medcalf Funerals, Max Perram Funerals, and No Flowers No Fuss Funerals.  There might be more companies under the Walker Group yet this is all I know of.

    Unlike InvoCare the Walker Group does not own any cemeteries or crematoriums, however not long ago the Walker Group bought a large place opposite Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium (MCP).  So while the Walker Group does not directly own any cemeteries or crematoriums I suspect there is a strong relationship between them and various cemeteries/crematoriums around Sydney.

    There has been some debate about how and why the Walker Group is able to grow as it has in recent times. The more reliable (yet still questionable) rumour is that the Walker Group is backed by financiers who are looking at a long-term plan. That is, these financial backers will spend money now to establish a solid business which will be profitable in the future.

    From everything I hear the Walker Group sounds like a company with high standards, I have not heard anythings much in the way of negative rumours yet have heard a lot of good things.  This is an organisation I would not hesitate to recommend to people looking for a funeral home based on what I know.

    It should be noted that I have never worked with the Walker Group or its staff, furthermore not a lot of people know of or discuss the Walker Group yet. So my information about the Walker Group is limited and not necessarily accurate.



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