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     This is a reminder about the 'Ask an Undertaker' post, which allows people to anonymously and publicly ask and answer questions about the Australian funeral industry. Anyone can post a question, and I or another person with experience will try and answer it.

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    I also have two other sections of this blog which might be useful;

Advice for mourners: Tips and information to make attending a funeral easier
    This section gives advice for people attending a funeral, from how to design an order of service to funeral industry terminology - simply click here.

Working Funerals: Tips and information on how to be an undertaker
    This section discusses and explains the work of funeral staff, from how to conduct a transfer to why feet first - simply click here.

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  1. I think it is fantastic that you are shedding light on the funeral home industry. My family owns a mortuary, and there is so much more to the job than many people think. I have an enormous amount of respect for the funeral home industry and the services they provide.


  2. Trevor Ford27/9/14 16:47

    I have only just come across this Blog as a result of some research into the Rookwood Necropolis railway and its stations.

    Fascinating, factual and straight to the point. You just tell it like it is. Thank you most sincerely, for opening up a window onto an industry few understand or have any knowledge of.

    Best of luck in your future ventures,

    Trevor Ford,

  3. Thank you for gathering all the links in one place. I've never attended a funeral before, and I'm extremely nervous. I want to be able to comfort my mother and aunts even though I wasn't close to my grandmother who died. These articles will be useful in figuring out what to say.
    Jenn | http://www.bowraodea.com.au

  4. I have so much respect for anybody that is working in funeral services. It is an incredible skill to be able to make somebody feel like they're having a good experience during such a tragic time. It's hard enough just to try to comfort people or help them release the emotion in these extraordinary circumstances. The work that these people do is truly amazing.


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