Don't Drop the Coffin Documentary

    Last night someone sent me a rather nice little documentary.  It's follows the funeral home 'FA Albin and Sons' who have been operating for over 200 years.  This is actually a fairly interesting little TV show that I would recommend.  Unfortunately I cannot embed the video here, but you can follow my youtube link!

    Click here for Don't Drop the Coffin: Series 01 Episode 01 or copy and pase the URL below.




  1. Dear Madame, Sir,

    On your website you've add a link to the British documentary series 'Don't Drop The Coffin'. The link doesn't work anymore. Do you know how I can watch the series? Do you know if I can find it online?

    Kind regards,
    Riet De Meutter

    1. Hi!. Search "Don't drop the coffin STV player", with a VPN set to the U.K. That will give you all 6 episodes.

  2. Is it possible to be seen here in the US? I would love to show it to a new employee.


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