Survey Reminder

    If you haven't already done so I would like to as people to answer my short survey.  It shouldn't take too long and I would greatly appreciate the answers.  Either way thank you for participating and thank you for reading this blog :)

>> Click here to do the survey << (if you have trouble clicking here the link is also at the end).

    As always the responses will be anonymous and confidential!!  But if there are any issues or questions about the survey feel free to contact me.

    So far the answers are proving to be very interesting and somewhat surprising.  When I get more responses I can put the data together and make a detailed post about it.  For example almost everyone has attended over 5 funerals.  This trend remains stable across all age groups, the young and old have generally been to more than 5 funerals.  This is surprising to me as I expected most people would have been to 2-4 funerals.  Also that almost nobody remembers the funeral home who took care of the most recent funeral they attended.

    These are just a few of many interesting and surprising results.  So if I can get more data perhaps I can discover even more!



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