Top Ten Posts

    Here's a list of my personal favourite ten posts so far. They're in no specific order and there's no exact criteria for why I chose these particular posts other than if I liked them.

1. The Hearse - Telling them apart -- 11th March 2013
This post was great fun to write, and actually quite informative. I learnt a lot while having fun putting this together, it was definitely the highlight of 'Hearse Month' for me.

2. Inside the Funeral Home: Lady Anne Funerals -- 12th October 2012
Not only was it my first experiment into ethnographic styles, but it was also the first step to a good relationship with Lady Anne Funerals. I have a very good relationship with Lady Anne, they're all such friendly and helpful people. Which is in part a result of this post, so this post is a bit special in that regard.

3. Event: Rookwood Picnic -- 28th January 2013
This was the first blog event I organised, and like many which followed the attendance was rather low. But we all had a great time anyway, what we lack in volume we make up for in relaxed fun.

4. Event: Woronora Open Day -- 15th April 2013
There have been many open days and nights which I have enjoyed, like the Pinegrove open night, or the ESMP open day, or the Rookwood open day. Yet overall Woronoda open day was one of the best if not the best. I had so much fun and it was clear that Woronora had put a lot of effort into the event.

5. Inside a Mortuary - Again -- 10th October 2012
People are always curious about the mortuary, so I uploaded some pictures of the Lady Anne mortuary. It has since become one of the most viewed posts on this blog. However, the original post with photos of another mortuary continues to be the most viewed post so far despite this one being better.

6. Preliminary Results: Funeral Industry Knowledge -- 16th January 2013
These were the results from one of the first decent sized surveys I did on the blog. The results were quite interesting actually. I had fun writing the survey, and putting the data together helped to uncover some potentially interesting and useful things.

7. Preliminary Results:  Funeral Attendance -- 14th January 2013
Again, this is another early survey yet this one focuses on funeral attendance. The results were quite interesting and informative for this survey as well.

8. How to Trim a Coffin WNBulls Style -- 5th March 2012
This is one of my earliest posts, it's a three part guide on how to trim a coffin using the old WNBulls method. A method which dates back decades. I wrote this post as nobody had written down the procedure, it was taught through word of mouth only. As such it could potentially be lost, if everyone who knew it stopped using it and/or left Bulls then this method would be lost forever. So I wrote it down, step by step and even with pictures.

9. Funeral Rights - a critique -- 5th November 2012
This was one of my longest posts to date, and on an area which is important for the blog. Basically this post explored some of the faults and misconceptions in a popular book about the Australian funeral industry. To me it is a good example of how much 'popular' literature or information about the industry is often fundamentally incorrect and bias. This blog is about sorting out these bias misconceptions.

10. Event: Rookwood Open Day -- 26th September
The Rookwood open day was the first industry event I attended, and I met some great people here (such as Lady Anne). So of course this post had to make the list.


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