Event: Rookwood Picnic!

Elephant House
    It's about time for another Rookwood picnic, this is a casual gathering of people who share an interest in the funeral industry. If is open to anyone, although these events are usually quite small (and friendly).

    This will be a small and relaxed picnic, we might even go for a walk through Serpentine Canal or explore some old areas of Rookwood.

When: 12:00 to 15:00 on Sunday 18th of August

Where: The Elephant House just off Haslem Drive, in Rookwood Cemetery.

No RSVP is required, simply turn up!

What to bring: 
- Something to share, even if it's only a drink.
- Umbrellas, blankets, or chairs, if you think you will need them.

What will be provided: 
- Plastic plates and cutlery.
- The venue has cover and is sheltered from the wind.

Directions:  Follow this link to the google map; simply continue straight along Necropolis Drive as you enter Rookwood. Then turn into Haslem Drive.


Information about Rookwood, from history to how to get there and maps.

A map for those unfamiliar with Rookwood.

Bus timetable. Although I recommend driving there are two bus stops within a short walk.

Elephant House, Courtesy of 'Living With Our Dead'


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