Funeral Fun - Crashing the Home

    Nobody wants to have an accident while doing a transfer,just as when driving a hearse.  It is not a good look for a car to crash and then to find out it had a body onboard.  However this has happened several times in the history of the industry.  However one story that stands out is of a fully loaded transfer van crashing into a home.

    This occurred many years ago at a funeral home which has since been sold off and no longer exists, although many of the employees are still in the industry.  What happened was that the funeral home was on the top of a steep hill.  One day the transfer crew returned and were about to reverse into the mortuary when the driver had an epileptic fit which resulted in him losing control of the van.  The van then rolled down the hill, picking up speed as it went, and crashed into the front room of a house.  Luckily nobody was hurt in the crash, however the van was full at the time.  Yes, it had four bodies on board.  One of the other staff ran to the manager informing him of the accident.  At first the manager did not believe it, hearing that a van had just run into a home with four bodies after the driver had an epileptic fit was a little outlandish to say the least.  Upon realising it had actually happened several staff rushed over with another van and moved the bodies out of the now destroyed van quietly and quickly before the residence or anyone else found out.  The last thing they wanted was to make the news about a van ladened with bodies crashing through a house.

    Overall it was an experience I doubt anyone involved will forget and one even I will remember for some time.  And yet there are many like it and worse, which I will tell at another time.


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