How to Trim a Coffin WNBull Style - The Lid & Thumbscrews

    If you followed the steps in this previous post about trimming a coffin or the coffin has come pre-trimmed then you are ready for the next part.  The lid.  Mist funerals at W.N.Bull are traditional Catholic, and as such this method will focus on a Catholic coffin.  The only real differences between Catholic and "non-Catholic" is the thumbscrews and use of a cross or crucifix.  Catholic (and some other religions) use cross shaped thumbscrew and scutcheons while the others will use a simple fan shaped thumbscrew.

    So here is how to put on a Catholic coffin lid, remember, the only difference between Catholic and anything else is the use of crucifixes or crosses or a non-religious design in certain areas.

1. Place the lid back on the coffin and grab the following tools:
- 1x Hammer.
- 2x Pokers.
- 6x Thumbscrews.
- 6x Scutcheons (the flat part that sits over the hole on the lid of the coffin).
- 12x Nails (small).

2. Poke the 'pokers' through each hole in the lid.  This makes it easier to get the thumbscrew through the lining later.  Next poke each 'poker' through an opposite hole on either end of the coffin.  This will keep the lid alined correctly with the body of the coffin.

3. Start at the two holes next to the pokers, again diagonally opposite each other at each end of the coffin.  Place the scutcheons over these holes, then screw the thumbscrew in.  Continue on to each hole until all six thumbscrews are screwed tightly in place.

<> Make sure to leave the thumbscrew sideways so the 'arms' do not sit over the holes in the scutcheon for the nails.

Scutcheon in place and thumbscrew about to be tightened
Thumbscrew tightened all the way.

All thumbscrews in place and ready for the next part.

4. Land the helicopters.  This is the process of nailing down each scutcheon with the little nails.  Un-nailed scutcheons are called 'helicopters' as they will spin like the blades of a helicopter when the thumbscrew is unscrewed later.  So land those helicopters!

5. Usually the next step would be to put on the handles.  But if the coffin is already sold and you have a nameplate then attach it now.  The nameplate should sit level with the shoulders of the coffin or where the shoulders of the deceased would be.  If a cross or crucifix is to be added do this now as well.  Simply attach some blue-tack to the back of the cross/crucifix to help hold it down.  Then place it in the middle of the coffin so the top is level with the top of the thumbscrews.  Nail it down through the rin on the top of the cross/crucifix with one little nail.

That is it!!  It is the easiest part of preparing the coffin.

Continue here for how to attach the handles.

Or go here for the previous part on trimming the inside of a coffin.


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