How to Trim a Coffin WNBull Style - The Handels

    You can read the previous parts on how to do the inside lining here and how to do the lid and thumbscrews here.  But now for the handles, an important part of the coffin.

    One thing to remember is that you must make sure all screws and nails are in properly, otherwise the handle may come off at a bad time.

1. Flip the coffin onto its side.

2. Get the following tools and place them close by:
- 1x Hammer.
- 1x Guide (the wood block used to keep the handel straight and in the right spot, labelled "tudor" in the picture).
- 1x Drill.
- 6x Handles.
- 12x Nails (long).
- 24x Screws.

3. Line up the handle so the middle will be centred with the thumbscrew on the lid.  Feel free to use the hammer to help make it straight.

4. Use the guide to keep the handle straight and at just the right hight on the coffin.

5. Hammer the nails into the tops of the handle, you need two nails per handle.

6. Once all three handles have been secured drill them down.

7. Check all there handles making sure they are straight and secured.

8. Flip the coffin to the other side and now do the same with those three handles.

    If you followed all three posts then that's it, you trimmed a coffin!

    You can read the previous parts on how to do the inside lining here and how to do the lid and thumbscrews here.



  1. Sorry but Handel is a composer of music in the Baroque era. Those things you use to carry coffins are HANDLES!!!!!


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