Funeral Fun - Smashing a Tree

    This is not my story but a story that was told to me by a co-worker about an od accident he witnessed while on a funeral.

    They were driving along as part of a rather large funeral.  There were a lot of family cars on the job and staff had been dragged in from several companies owned by InvoCare for the job.  The cortege was done with the church service and driving along to the cemetery, making its way slowly along the road.  The person who told me the story was the fourth family car back form the hearse.  Everything was going well and nothing was out of the ordinary.

    However as they were making their way up Lady Game Drive (which has bush on both sides) he said that he noticed the car in front start to drift a little.  The car in front  slowly started to move over to the side of the road.  He did not know what was happening and there was nothing he could do but watch and hope.  The car then drifted off the road and hit the dirt where it slid about a bit before side swiping a tree.  The wing mirror flew off the car and landed on the window of the guy telling the story.  Where it got stuck on the windscreen wiper.  The car which had hit the tree immediately joined the cortege and continued as though nothing had happened.

    Once they reached the cemetery the guy jumped out of his car and approached the driver who had hit the tree.  He asked what had happened, but the other driver denied hitting a tree saying that nothing had happened at all.  So the guy showed him the wing mirror on his windscreen.  All the staff then went around to the side of the car and saw that all the doors were crumpled and scrapped up.  The car was smashed on the whole side but still drivable.  After the graveside service the people who were traveling in the car approached the conductor demanding they not have the same driver on the way back.  And who could blame them, he had run off the road, smashed into a tree and denied everything.

    What he believed had happened was that the driver fell asleep at the wheel just before he ran off the road.  The driver retired not long afterwards with that actually being the last time he drove on a funeral.


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