Video - Cremation of a body

    After my last post someone sent me this fairly interesting youtube video.  The video shows the cremator  'burner' (or retort) in action, then what the ash is like after being burnt and how it is turned into what we know as ash.

<> WARNING!! The video does show human bones being burnt <>

    Although I personally see nothing wrong with the video, they show less than many TV shows or movies. But I understand some would not want to see this.

    Something I will note is that in America they must take the body out of the coffin before burning it.  Here in Australia this would be against the law as a body must be contained in a coffin and the crematorium staff are not allowed to open the coffin.  Of course there are exceptions for certain religions but I am not sure how that would work.  I know crematorium staff do not have the equipment or training in Australia to open a coffin nor do they want to.

    So do not worry, if your loved one was cremated in Australia they were never taken out of the coffin at the crematorium for any reason.


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  1. Awesome information for those interested in know what the process of cremation looks like. Thank your from James Romanelli-Stephen Funeral Home


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