Macquarie Park Videos

    Originally I wasn't going to post these, they're basically advertisements and as such are a bit bias.  However they're a good look at the place and show a bit of detail.  Plus most people like to see things.  So rather than just explaining and describing Macquarie Park I thought some videos would be nice.

Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium
    A background of the crematorium and a look at the facility.  Note the emphasis on 'caring', 'personal' and 'modern' facilities and staff.

Produced by Sonic Sight.

Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium - The Chapels
    This looks specifically at the crematorium chapels, showing how they are set up and what is offered.  It shows how the service can be recorded, what the chapels look like and so on.

Produced by Sonic Sight.

Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium - Funeral Advice
    A look at the services available and how Macquarie Park will make the funeral as "easy" and "smooth"as possible to arrange and carry out.  It shows the function rooms (only briefly) and the playground for children.

Produced by Sonic Sight.

    These three videos are an interesting look into how Macquarie Park wants to be seen and used by others.  That it is convenient (or "easy"), efficient, caring, personal and most of all modern.  The emphasis on the technology provided and how it can be integrated into a funeral is quite interesting and not something most other crematoriums emphasise or even provide.

    Either way I hope these videos give a better understanding of the place and how it operates.  It is the model of a modern and efficient system that does a good job and delivers value for money.


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