Blog Stats - 26/11/12

    Time for the monthly breakdown of views.  I find doing this is actually interesting, and helpful in many ways.  Hopefully others find it as interesting or informative as I do!

Blog stats - 27th September 2012.

Blog stats - 28th October 2012.

    There are 158 total posts, which is an average of 17.2 posts per month.  And there are a total of 9,442 views (as of the 26th November 2012).  The posts remained relatively stable, only 'Necrophilia & Misconduct' rose on the list.  Overall 'Inside a mortuary' continues to be the most viewed post.  It is now the top result if you google "inside a mortuary".

  1Inside a mortuary - 293
  2. Necrophilia & Misconduct163
  3. Sexism in the funeral industry - 146
  4. Inside the funeral home: Lady Anne Funerals - 145
  5. Rookwood open day - 136

    Again, the pages remained relatively stable.  There was no dramatic change as the new views were equally spread over the pages.

  1Funeral fun - 203
  2. Misconceptions & Questions - 118
  3. Funeral Industry Resources (previously 'Funerals in the media') - 117
  4. Funeral terminology - 114
  5. Working funerals - 62

  1. Australia - 3,151 (33.3%)
  2. United States - 3,069 (32.1%)
  3United kingdom - 1,125 (11.9%)
  4. Russia - 502 (5.3%)
  5. Canada - 207 (2.1%)

    This has changed very little, for example there was only a 0.2% change in Australian views.  Adding to this there was little change with the browsers or operating systems people who view the blog use.  To me this indicates a relatively stable audience.  That it is mostly the same people coming back and continuing to read the blog regularly rather than random people coming and going.

    A good portion of those who email me are very interested in the funeral industry.  Several do not even work in the industry themselves.  This supports the idea that I have a stable audience.  That those who find the blog are the ones interested in the industry.  After all, to find this blog you have to 'look' for it in some form.

Changes over time:
    Currently there are 9,442 total views of this blog, an average of 810.3 per month (as I write this).  This month did see a rather sharp drop in views compared to last month.  Monthly average views went up, but total views this month were down.
February - 147 
- March - 78
- April 123
- May - 291
- June 392
- July - 542
- August - 475
- September - 984
- October - 3,059
- November - 2,012

    These stats are possibly the most useful for me so far.  While there was a drop in views compared with last month total views keep rising.  Combining this with the relatively stable proportions of the audience points towards the views becoming stable.  That viewers are becoming regulars, not just people coming to have one look and going.  For me this is perfect, as it lets me work out my audience better.  So I can customise articles to be more interesting or relevant to those who actually support the blog through viewing it.  It also means I get access to those actually interested in the industry, not random people.

Blog stats - 27th September 2012.

Blog stats - 28th October 2012.


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