NSW Health Funeral Industry Regulations & Rules

    A while ago I read the NSW regulations and rules for the funeral industry as set out by the health department.  You can read them via the link below, this document is actually a really good summary of the rules and regulations.  Deliberately made easy to read by people outside the law field (like me), so do not avoid it thinking it will just be complex or boring!

    Strongly recommended for anyone interested in the industry:


    It should be noted that the law changes every so often, I have heard it changed again recently.  So this document from 2003 might not be exactly accurate.  But it gives a good idea and understanding.

    Also, NSW is the only state in Australia to have any real regulations.  Personally I think InvoCare might have had something to do with this, as NSW is by far their strongest area from what I can work out.  Of course I cannot prove this, or even be relatively sure as I have not really looked into it.  But it makes sense, InvoCare is very into OH&S and decent standards.  Anecdotal evidence suggests InvoCare has improved the industry standards.  Thus I loosely reason that InvoCare has directly or indirectly helped to bring regulation to the industry.



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