The Funeral Industry is Not Alone

    Not long ago I wrote a post about how the funeral industry should be embracing the internet and public interaction.  That the funeral industry is very innovative, but reluctant to interact with the public.  So funeral companies tend to avoid the internet, which is often seen as a very public space.

    This problem is not just faced by the funeral industry.  Other organisations, systems and industries are also subject to these same issues.  Below is a good video which outlines how the academic system is encountering similar problems.  And how it will need to embrace change.

    The concept behind the video is very similar to what I was working with for the post.  It also illustrates that the funeral industry is not 'backward' or 'old fashioned'.  It is facing the same problems as modern academic systems.  The fact that the funeral industry faces these troubles only supports the idea that it is modern and current.

Open Access Explained!
By phdcomics.



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