Picnic in Rookwood

    I am organising a small and casual picnic in Rookwood for the last weekend of January.  It is a simple event open to anyone and everyone with a personal interest in the funeral industry.

    For the specific details read the post below!

    This event is not endorsed or supported by any organisation or company, officially or otherwise.  So attend as an individual, not on behalf of an organisation.  It is only intended to be a very small event, more a thanks to those who have helped me with various things.

When: 11:00 to 15:00 on the 27th of January.  It's the last Sunday of the month and the day after Australia Day.

Where: The new Catholic Way of the Cross, in the Catholic section of Rookwood cemetery.  This place is quite secluded without being hidden, and has a nice atmosphere.

What to bring: 
- It's pot luck, so try to bring something to share.  Even if it is just a drink as the gesture counts.
- Umbrellas or chairs if you think you will need them.

What will be provided: 
- Plastic plates and cutlery.
- Toilets are nearby, within short walk (which should be open).
- The venue has cover and some benches nearby.
- There is a nice bubbler nearby.
- I will bring a bin, but we should not make a mess anyway.

Directions:  Follow this link to the google map; It is in the Catholic section, just South of Rookwood Gardens Crematorium and Memorial Ave.  Keep an eye out for my red Mitsubishi Lancer (featured in this post) as I will try to park in an obvious spot close by.

Google map directions from the East Gate.

Google map directions from the West Gate.

     For more information or if there are any questions simply contact me.  My email is provided below the article, above the comments section.  This email goes through to my phone, so I will be contactable throughout the day.

    If it rains or something happens the event will not be cancelled.  We will simply move it to the cafe by the East Gate.  So if you come by and nobody is there then try the cafe (or email me).



  1. Anonymous13/1/13 18:04

    Sounds like a lovely idea, but sadly I am in Bris and its a little too far to travel. Hope you have a great morning

    1. Yes, that would be a bit of a trip for a picnic.

      But I appreciate the comments, and might even get some pics to share with everyone who couldn't come :)



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