Rookwood Picnic Reminder

    Just a quick reminder, I have organised a small and casual picnic at Rookwood for anyone interested in the funeral industry.  It's on the 27th, 11:00 to 15:00 and at the Catholic Way of the Cross in Rookwood cemetery.  The picnic is pot luck, so while there should be plenty of food to share please bring something, even a drink as a gesture.

    If you are interested in the funeral industry (or read this blog) feel free to attend, it's a nice small gathering of a few fun people I met through my studies so far.  It is not supported or sponsored by any organisation, so no matter who you work for feel free to come along!

    The weather reports warn of rain, but I am not cancelling as there is good cover and it might not rain during the day.  At worse the picnic will move to the Reflections Cafe by the East gate.  So if you turn up and nobody is there do not be disappointed, we will be at the cafe.


Information about Rookwood, from history to how to get there and maps.

A map for those unfamiliar with Rookwood.

Bus timetable.  Although I do recommend driving, but there are two bus stops within 10 minutes walk.


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