Update - Missing Photos

    As some have noticed a few photos are missing, which I am aware of and is deliberate.  Quite a while ago I filled up my photo allotment, the Picasa web album only allows about 1GB of pictures for free.  I started uploading new photos to another free online image hosting site "postimage", and moving some of the older popular ones to here.

    While this works well enough it does not allow bigger images, physically or size wise, for example I cannot upload panoramic images through this site.  So I have been removing old images that get no views, to make space on the Picasa album for the large images postimage cannot host.  Simply put these images are not worth the time it would take to convert them over to postimage, they are going from the blog.

    As such quite a few images are already "missing", not because they are lost or someone has asked them to be removed.  But because I am making space for newer and better content.  I do really appreciate people have noticed this, as it shows others not only read my blog, but take time to help out!

    Anyway, if you notice a missing photo and feel like letting me know do so, but it will be common on older and unread posts and is a deliberate thing.


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