The Day That Hearses Ruled the World

    As part of my dive into the history of the funeral industry in Australia I noticed a lack of information on the Australian hearse.  Which, considering the importance of the hearse, was odd.  As such the next few posts will be focusing on the Australian hearse!

    And what better way to start than with video from a hearse enthusiast group!  Every year 'The Phantom Coaches Hearse Club' hold a fun looking event called 'The Day That Hearses Ruled the World' where basically hearse owners and enthusiasts gather.  It's a great display of vintage and cool American style hearses, and of the enthusiasm people have for the hearse.

    Below are two videos of the event, check them out!

The Day That Hearses Ruled the World (2013) Part 1

The Day That Hearses Ruled the World (2013) Part 2

    With luck one day we could have something like this in Sydney, although the Australian style is very different.


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