Hearse Month & No Posts This Week

    My ethics stuff is due on the 5th of march, and this is the first week back to uni.  So between that uni work and other stuff I'm a bit busy lately.  As such there won't be any posts this week...  I will instead take this week to really focus on the coming month properly.

    This month will be about the hearse, all posts will focus on the hearse in some way.  Basically in exploring the funeral industry I have found the Australian hearse to be often overlooked.  Well, we look at it, but rarely take time to discuss it in detail.

    It would be very hard to dispute the importance of the hearse for the funeral industry; it's both an emotional symbol and practical necessity.   Despite this I have had issue finding much about the hearse in terms of history on the funeral industry, and the hearse is often left out of contemporary discussions about the funeral industry.  We discuss the rise of cremation, space in cemeteries, merits of embalming, merchandising of funeral home, and more.  So why not changes to the hearse?  Why did the introduction of the duel-cab hearse get ignored?  Why don't we talk about how each funeral home uses a specific brand of hearse as part of its identity?

    The hearse is a vital and inseparable part of the social identity of the funeral industry.  Yet somehow we have separated it from discourse about the funeral industry.  So get ready, I'll be focusing on the hearse all month!  Some posts might get 'theoretical' or 'abstract' as I will be looking at social imagery and theory behind the hearse.  But a few should be practical and fun, and there will be nice pictures!

    A big thank you to Lady Anne Funerals, once again stepping up to the mark and helping to provide quality content for the upcoming month!  From photos to information they are always happy to take time and help out.


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