Rookwood by Night

    Rookwood Cemetery is open until 9pm through Summer every year (until 31st of March).  I have found Rookwood to be extra beautiful and atmospheric after dark, so why not take full advantage of the extended hours.

    I will be doing a little exploration of Rookwood with a couple of undertaker friends next Tuesday (19th March).  Anyone interested is welcome along, we're a small but fun group!

When: 19th March (Tuesday) - 7:30pm to 8:45pm.
Where: Reflections Cafe (by the East Gate).  Google map of the location.

    This is rather short notice, but maybe some others might find time to join us.  You can register interest via the blog facebook.  Or email me (email provided below).  Or simply come along, if late simply email me as it will go through to my phone.


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