The funeral industry is very old school when it comes to gossip about the industry.  They love it and spread it.  A good example is when a coffin fell on a funeral and came open in front of everyone. It happened to another company and in another part of Sydney.  Yet I knew all about it and the fall out in less than a month.
    So there are a lot of stories floating about, good and bad. But the stories about one funeral director in particular really stand out.  He is simply known as ‘Bricky’ to many in the industry.  This is because he accidentally cremated a body that was meant to be buried. A reason most companies use ID on the body, such as wrist tags (and a reason they should never be removed by anyone).  He then filled an empty coffin with some bricks and buried that instead.  Someone from the company blew the whistle a while later, and was promptly fired.  They exhumed the coffin, the person in charge of the exhumation opened it more than allowed. Because of this it was no longer a health department matter at all.  Instead they prosecuted the Bricky as a commercial case.  That he did not give the family what they paid for, as in cremated rather than buried the person.  Obviously he lost the court case and was fined.  It was all over the national news, and everyone in the industry knew about it. But his business went up.  He actually got a lot more business as a result of the court case and even continues to work with the same company name to this day.
    He is also known for other 'interesting' events. Such as occasionally stalking a woman with his hearse at all hours of the day and night. To the point that the police where involved.


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