I have decided to put together a little blog of my experiences from inside the industry for anyone to read.  It should be noted that I have only worked at one funeral home and only for about one year.  Thus I am not the most experienced person in the field.  And yet I have seen and heard so many interesting and even surprising things.
Funerals and death in general is something that many people see as a taboo topic.  I have heard about how it is something not many want to talk or hear about.  This is what most people believe, and what we all see in the media.  Death is talked of as dirty and upsetting.  However this is mostly untrue.  Almost everyone I have talked with does not mind talking about death or this industry.  In fact the majority of people are quite interested in it.  The older people often say how it use to be ‘taboo’ or “kept quiet” but how society has changed and it is now “acceptable”.
While funerals and death itself is more acceptable not everything is fine to discuss in public.  And not everything is for everyone.  As such I have not included everything in this blog.  Yet i also do not hide anything and will discuss some ‘questionable’ topics nor have I skipped certain details.  So read this at your own discretion; I warn you that you may find some topics discussed here unappealing.


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