My Car 'Kevin'

    This is a series of photos of my car.  We have done about 3,500km in three months together.  I have found 'WNB004' or 'Kevin' to be a good car, he has his faults and flaws but overall he has gotten me about.  Actually I have been building a pile of little bolts and clips that keep falling off.  Even on the first day he was delivered a couple fell off.

    Kevin is a Holden Caprice, the bottom end of the models.  Yet he is still a nice car, lots of features and a great user interface on the dash.  The best feature was a center mounted touch screen media center.  It has  GPS (with live traffic updates), radio, bluetooth and more.  All on one convenient, easy to see screen.  And it is compatible with all iPods and phones that I tired.  If I could get hold of one of these and install it in my private car I would, it was just that nice to use.  The way the caprice gears so smoothly and quickly.  The way he goes over bumps and pot holes comfortably and softly.  He is obviously a drivers car.  Not a passenger car like my 008 was. That car was so comfortable inside compared to 004.  And while I would never buy a caprice having driven one I would never mind driving them for work.  Or being in one as a passenger.

    Here are some photos showing off Kevin in his full glory (all photos were taken with an iPhone, so some are a bit blurry):

Side view of Kevin.

Kevin filled with frangipani flowers. My car smelled very subtle and great for weeks after this.

The center console showing the GPS feature.  The GPS is pretty good, with live traffic and decent guidance. However I would never rely solely on it.

The center console, showing the radio.

The dashboard. The center screen can be changed to show various things such as speed as a number.


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