Blog Stats - 27/09/12

    This is just a breakdown of blog statistics.  Things like who views the blog, how the views have changed over time, most popular posts and so on.  I find it interesting and that it possibly says something about those who are interested in reading this type of thing.


    There are 141 total posts, which is an average of 15 posts per month.  And there are a total of 3,009 views (as of 27-09-12).

  1. Sexism in the funeral industry - 142
  2. An Inside Look: Rookwood - 61
  3. Carrying a child coffin - 55
  4. Gazing Mourners - 52
  5. The InvoCare Share - 47

    It's both amusing and telling that the sexism post gets the most views.  Sexism is something we are interested in, and something that is relevant.  We hear about it quite often and there's a good chance we have experienced it first hand in some form.  On the other hand many other posts are not obviously relevant outside a funeral setting.

    I was surprised that the inside look of Rookwood has gotten so many views so fast.  Rookwood is an interesting place, and a wonderful example of Sydney population through history and into the current day.  It demonstrates the population sizes and even attitudes and styles.

  1Funerals in the media30
  2. Misconceptions & Questions29
  3. Funeral fun25
  4. Funeral terminology25
  5. Working funerals16

    Again these results surprised me.  I thought funerals in the media would be popular, but that funeral fun would be more popular.  Funny funeral stories are apparently not as interesting as other things.

    Considering misconceptions & questions is the newest page it is impressive to already be second.


  1. Australia - 1,146 (38%)
  2. United States - 912 (30%)
  3. United kingdom - 280 (9%)
  4. Russia - 228 (7%)
  5. Germany - 56 (1%)

    This part is not surprising at all.  Most people who view this blog are in Australia as it is about the Sydney funeral industry.  Many people find it while searching for things about specific funeral information, such as funeral homes, crematoriums and so on.  A lot of people also come to this blog after I tell them about it.  So I would expect a majority of views to be from Australia.

Changes over time:

    Currently there are 3,009 total views of this blog, an average of 376 per month.  However the views have been growing exponentially, not steadily.  The graph below demonstrates the growth over time quite nicely.  How it goes up and down, but it is mostly a steep up.
- February147 
- March - 78
- April 123
- May - 291
- June 392
- July - 542
- August - 475
- September - 984

    The reason for this sudden growth in September is mostly due to getting linked to on other sites.  Such as coffin-talk and Dark Links.  That is the main reason, but another influence is simply due to more content.  As I create more content people come across it more in google searches.  For example shortly after the necrophilia post I had a noticeable amount of hits from people searching "necrophilia interview".


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