Gazing Mourners: Exploring the relationship between mourners and the funeral industry

    This is the second essay where I compare the funeral industry with the tourism industry.  Surprisingly enough the two are such similar industries in almost every way.  This essay looks at the idea of funeral companies shaping the industry at the mourners expense.

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    You can read the full essay by clicking here, or copy and paste the url provided at the bottom.  Also, you can read my previous essay comparing the mourner to a tourist by clicking here.

    As always, thank you to those who provided material and input.  Without the those who helped this would not have been possible.

There is a common perception that funeral companies have a strong influence on the funeral industry.  These companies shape the industry how they like.  Which is often at the expense of the mourner and the deceased.  However I would argue that the mourner has more influence on the industry than the companies.  Through exploring the gaze it quickly becomes apparent that mourners have just as much influence, perhaps even more.  Simply by the way mourners perceive and view the industry company identities and practices are changed.  The mourners even influence the way funeral companies view themselves and the industry.

    The essay is only 3, 500 words, so it is rather short compared to others I have written.  Half the length of my previous essay.  And it should be an interesting and easy read.  I aim for all my essays to be accessible to anyone and everyone.



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