Macquarie Park Open Day - Photos

    This is just the photos I took today at the Macquarie Park open day.  I will write an actual post about it tomorrow when I get time.  In the mean time enjoy some pictures!

    I will talk about the photos in my post tomorrow.  It took way too long to upload these.

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Stage with drums and dancers.
Sausage sizzle.
TJ Andrews historic hearse, the "Phantom".
TJ Andrews historic hearse, the "Phantom".
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TJ Andrews historic hearse, the "Phantom".
Graham Ross talking about the history of tomatoes.

Horse and cart ride in the distance.
Main office and reception room entrance.
Waiting for the tour.
Starting the tour, inside the crematorium chapel.
Control panel for the 'burner'.
Door for the 'burner'.
Where the ashes are collected.
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Back area of the chapel.  The coffins are brought through here from
the chapels to be taken to the burners.
End of the tour, listening to the organist.
Gardens next to the chapel.
Side door to the chapel.
Inside the chapel.
Chapel podium.
Curtain control on the podium.
Catafalque inside the chapel.
Leaver under the catafalque. This stops the rollers on the top moving.
Door to the AudioVisual room.  Or concierge room.
Chapel AudioVisual room.
This is where the concierge sits while the funeral is on.
Chapel entrance.

Toilets outside the chapel.
Chapel driveway.

Walkway from the crematorium chapels to the
office and the reception rooms.

Inside another chapel.
Door to the family room.  Or as it use to be called, the 'crying room'.
Inside the family room.
Toys are provided by the crematorium.
These boxes are scattered throughout the cemetery.
They are also outside each chapel.
My car, keeping out of sight.
New crypts by Ascension Hill.
Ascension Hill is a new section in the cemetery.
It was opened in 2011.
Statues are scattered about Ascension Hill.

This is a life size metal statue in Ascension Hill.
Statue in Ascension Hill.

New and old restrooms are scattered through the cemetery.
Small round abouts are a great way to add parking without taking extra space.
They are also a good way to turn around if needed.
This is where the Green Line starts just after entering Macquarie Park.
The Green Line is a marking pained on the road from the gate to
the main office and where the cortege waits.

Large different colour spots are painted on each major intersection.
This makes it easy to navigate or give directions.
Ascension Hill.

Another coloured spot.
The Green Line continues.
Signs by where the cortege waits.
Unfortunately people do not know the undertakers need paperwork so
they get out when they see the hearse stop.
The Green Line stops just ahead by the main office.
Where the Green Line stops and where the cortege waits.

Sausage sizzle by the main office.


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