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    I'm trying to build a guide for how to do transfers in hospitals around Australia (mostly focusing on Sydney).  However for this I will need some help as things change and I have only been to a few hospitals regularly.  So I'm asking for others to contribute, to help build the guide for yourself and for others.

     This old hospital transfers post has a brief description of what a hospital transfer is and gives a few examples of some Sydney hospitals.  But it isn't very comprehensive and only has a small selection of hospitals.  Some of which have updated since I wrote the post (such as RPA).
    My plan is to remove the examples from that post and create a whole new updated post where I have more hospitals.  That way others could just refer to that post and know how to do a transfer in any hospital in Sydney, even without having been there before.  It would be a great tool for those new to the industry.

    But I don't have enough information to do it myself.  So I need help from others.  To do this I have created a google document.  Anyone can edit it and add content, and it is completely anonymous.

    I would greatly appreciate any contributions!! -- & thank you in advance to those who help :)


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