The Day Sheet

    It is about time I talked about the "day sheet".  The day sheet is an important part of being an undertaker.  As someone said to me in my first week "the day sheet is our bible".

    The day sheet lists all the funerals that are happening on the day.  Who will be on what funeral, where the funeral is going, who is driving whats cars, where the cars are going and the times for everything.  Simply it has all the vital information of the day for the undertakers.

    Some undertakers have stories about how they did not read the day sheet properly and how much trouble it caused.  Every morning as the undertakers start work they get a copy of the day sheet.  They then read it over and carry it throughout the day.  This way everyone knows what they are meant to do and if needed what others are doing and where everyone is.

    This one tiny sheet of paper is vital to the daily duties of an undertaker.  Paperwork is very important in this industry.  However little or insignificant it might appear, every bit of paper is crucial in some way.


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