Rookwood open day Photos

    The open day was amazingly great!  I had a lot of fun and learnt so much.  Everyone was friendly and up for a chat.  There was so much to see and do, I was there from 9:15am to 2:30pm and I didn't get to do everything.

    I'll write a popper post about the day later, when I have time.  But for now enjoy a selection of the 298 pictures I took.

    All the photos below were taken with an iPhone 4S by me.  So some are low quality, but most are decent.  The photos are in the order I took them, I don't have time to sort or group them properly.

    As always click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Classic cars on display at the Necropolis Circuit

Information and historic tours booth at the Necropolis Circuit

Historic Guardian hearse at Rookwood Gardens Crematorium

 Lady Anne Hearse at Rookwood Gardens

 Elite Funerals Hearse at Rookwood Gardens

 Photo display inside one of the chapels at Rookwood Gardens Crematorium

 TJ Andrews hearse at Rookwood Gardens

 Entertainment and food at Rookwood Gardens

 Lady Anne display next to their hearse

Motorcycle hearse & escort arrives

Guy on bicycle with trained Rainbow Lorikeet

 Gravedigger display at the Catholic Office

Rookwood Independent office

Heavy traffic due to the parade

The street parade

Food and other stalls near the Anglican Office

 The street parade passing Rookwood Gardens

Tour inside Rookwood Gardens Crematorium

 Motorcycle hearse & escort at Rookwood Gardens

 Bus stop in Rookwood Gardens car park

 Horse & carriage hearse in Rookwood Gardens car park

Guardian hearse by the Anglican office

 Historic hearse being restored outside the All Souls Chapel

 Funeral museum in the All Souls Chapel

 Motorcycle hearse & escort again

 Elite Funerals hearse again

 Lady Anne hearse again

 TJ Andrews hearse again

 Historic bus

Guardian Funerals historic hearse

Tour of the Catholic Crematorium (Mary Mother of Mersey Crematorium)

Viewing room in the crematorium

Control room in the crematorium

 Inside the actual cremation area

Behind the cremators

Inside the cremator

Processing room

Underneath the cremation room

Raking the cremator

    By now my phone only had 20% battery left.  So I stopped taking photos incase I needed to call someone.


    As always with my pictures I encourage others to use these pictures how and where they like.  All I ask is that you do not claim them as your own, and give the appropriate credite if possible.

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  1. Anonymous23/9/12 23:12

    Great set of pictures,thank you for sharing them with us


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