Desire for Order of Service Template

    There is a strong desire for order of service templates, this post where I discuss making an order of service is getting an average of 53 views or more each day (and growing).  This blog will quite regularly get significant views based on people desiring an order of service example or template.

    So I have decided to host a few order of service templates.  Continue below to see how you can submit your own template!  I will also accept guides or tips for the order of service, but the focus is on templates.

    There are descriptions and guides for making an order of service, but there are little to no order of service templates out there on the internat, as far as I can find at least.  Companies have things on how to write a eulogy, yet do not do the same for the order of service.  Yet there are a lot of people searching for order of service templates.

    In light of this I have decided to put up an order of service template in a few weeks, and I will allow others to put there templates up as well (be they companies or individuals).  It could be great exposure, to have a template used on funerals around the world, imagine a on the back of all the order of services at a funeral it says "template by..." as this is a big source of traffic to the blog and clearly something people really want.

    After all, people do notice the company name, I have found that mourners not only notice it, but like the funeral company details on the order of service.  The order of service is sent to people who could not attend the funeral, it is kept by family and friends, and so it is a great way to remember and know which company was involved in the funeral.  I will write more on this another time, but so far my little research on this is indicating the order of service to be the most effective direct marketing for a funeral company.

   So essentially there is clearly a desire for this, it could be good exposure for those who contribute, and it could be helpful and appreciated by many.  In theory everyone could benefit from this, both companies and mourners alike!!

   I will be making a special page, and link to it from the order of service post, containing all the templates if I get enough.  This page will have a short description of each template, including who made it.

    As I said briefly above, guides and tips will also be accepted, but I am preferably after templates as this is what people really want, and the best opportunity to advertise an individual or company on funerals.

    Anyone (individuals or organisations) is free to create and send me templates, this is an open project for anyone and everyone interested.  To submit a template:
-  Email me via theothersideoffunerals@gmail.com with the subject "order of service template".
-  Include a short description of the template, and any other relevant information.
-  Make sure you state who you are and if you are submitting on behalf of an organisation.

Conditions and preferences:
    Naturally I will have some leniency regarding these as I am not a designer and there might be better ways to do this.  I am always open to suggestions, which you can email me or leave in the comments below!

-  You can submit the file by one of three ways;
1. through Google Documents (which is preferred for the ease in sharing).
2. through a free online sharing program (such as rapidshare).
3. hosted on your own site which I will then link to.

-  You must upload the file yourself and send the link to me, I will not be uploading files for others as I simply do not have the time.  Email me the link, your description, and I will add it to the appropriate page on my blog.

-  All templates must be accessible to the public.  For example: if submitting through Google Documents the file have to be set so anyone with the link can view.

- Templates must be able to be edited with standard programs and systems, such as Microsoft Office.  Not to specialty or rare programs like Open Office, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and so on.

-  The owners name and brief details must be on it, credit where credit is due!  Ownership of each template will stay with its creator, as such their name must be on it, preferably as a watermark.  I will not be wanting or taking ownership of any guides or templates, anything without a name will be rejected.

-  I do not take responsibility for maintaining the links other than on my end, the owner of the template will be responsible for notifying me of any changes to their link and/or document.

Below are two links on templates I made, to show what I am after (but feel free to be creative):
>> Link to my rapidshare template download.
(The URL of both links is at the end of the post, for easier copying if needed).




  1. Anonymous16/6/14 17:26

    I see that your first template has the front & back covers swapped.

  2. The rapidshare link does not seem to be working.


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