Ethics letters of support reminder

    A reminder, I'm looking for letters of support from funeral companies, the ethics paperwork has to be submitted by the 5th of March.  So I am going to chasing up companies properly over the next week to find letters.

   The letters are not a commitment or obligation from the company, nor will this be seen by anyone except a handful of ethics people; but the letters are essential to my application as without them I suspect approval will be denied or delayed.  The letter does not say how a company will work with me, companies are more than entitled to their own individual conditions and restrictions as they see fit.

    Really, the letter of support really is just a symbol to the ethics pannel/committee that there are some companies willing (in theory) to work with me.  It proves that my research project is at least possible.  It's little more than this, and yet I cannot do much without at least two to three.

    Basically it's six months of potential work for a 20,000 word thesis; I will get approval after March (if I make that deadline) and have to have the thesis mostly completed in September.  Missing the March deadline will push everything back to April, meaning I only get five months to do the work the same work.  So if there is a hint of desperation in my tone I think it's well justified, I can't even start recruiting potential participants without ethics approval.

    I have even written the letter, so all that it needs is the company name and a signature.

    If there are any questions, or you are interested in providing a letter of support, then contact me through: theothersideoffunerals@gmail.com.

    My supervisor (Dr. Amanda Kearney) would also be happy to answer any questions, but I won't be posting her contact details on this public blog.  If you want to contact her simply email me and I will provide her details.


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