Facebook Graph Search: Useful research tool

    A while ago Facebook announced the new 'Graph Search' feature, which I paid little attention to at the time.  Recently however, I had a look at it and it looks incredibly useful to me, and to the funeral industry.  So I thought I would share it with others who might not be aware of it.

    In one simple search I could see how many people attended funerals, then refine it by time frame, or by location, and possibly even by relation to the deceased.  It could also be used to look at what funeral companies come up under certain conditions.  Of course this is all speculation as I have not used it, nor seen it used for this type of research, one can only hope.

    Essentially and assuming it works the way I hope, this will be an amazing tool for quantitative research; rather than relying on people coming to me for surveys I can simply gather this information through Facebook!  It will save me time and get a larger and diverse study in one go!

    Naturally I have signed up for the beta, and with luck I will be able to get in and explore this cool new feature soon.

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