UNSW Museum of Human Disease Reminder & Update

    This Monday (18th of Feb) we are visiting the Museum of Human Disease at UNSW, the only museum of its kind to be open to the public.  We will be meeting at 12:30, then the presentation is at 13:00.

    Here is a video by the museum, explaining what it is and what it's like in more detail.  This video is actually quite decent and shows some of the exhibits (from a distance).

Museum of Human Disease Introduction Video

    Below are details on the museum's location, as well as tips and tricks for parking and getting around UNSW for anyone who might be interested.

Ground floor of the Samuels Building, UNSW, Kensington campus.
Grid reference F25 on the UNSW maps.

    Map of UNSW.

Enter the Samuels building via the Western side, below is a photo of the door to make it easier to find.

Door into Samuels building.
Door into the museum.
Getting there:
    By bus:  There are plenty of buses from central and the stops for UNSW are fairly obvious.  Get off at the upper end of campus, but the lower end will be fine to.  More information on getting there by public transport.

    By car:  Driving to UNSW is actually quite easy, and depending on where you live a better option than public transport.  For specific directions refer to the Google Maps below in the parkin sections.

Parking at UNSW:
    Parking at UNSW will cost $6 for the first 2 hours, then $2.50 for every hour thereafter - according to online information, I cannot personally verify this as I never park on campus.  To park at UNSW enter via the gate on Botany St here, it is fairly obvious to spot.  Once inside simply follow the signs to the main parking building. 

Parking on the Side Streets (for free)
    I park in these side streets around Day Ave as there is almost always parking here, even when uni is on.  However, it does involve a long walk up a hill to get to the museum from here.  So while you are guarantied a parking spot it is not an easy walk.

    A better option is to park somewhere near upper campus, UNSW starts the next week so there should be spaces free.  Keep in mind that the upper side has a hospital (POW) and a shopping area.  Below are two decent places at the upper side to park:

-  The first; between Barker St and Botany St is a little corner of side streets with unlimited parking.  Just be aware locals live here, so while it is the best spot to park it might be the most tricky.

-  The Second; anywhere on Wansey St, or on High St, this is probably the more reliable option of the two.

    Map of UNSW.

See you there!!


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