First letter of support - Lady Anne Funerals

    I would like to take time to say thank you to Lady Anne funerals, this a busy company and yet they have always taken time to help me how they can.  Lady Anne has been supportive and friendly,  right from when we first met at the 2012 Rookwood Open Day.

    This was the first company to let me in and write about publicly on the blog.  They went so far as to let me take photos of just about anything and chat with staff freely.

    Recently Lady Anne gave me the first letter of support!

    Thank you Lady Anne; to the company, staff, and owner/manager, you were the first for a few things for my blog and honours.  So you will be the first I think of when I look back fondly at my early experiences studying the industry.

    Lady Anne is a genuinely excellent company, many might rightly talk about how there is nothing wrong with the industry or that they have nothing to hide.  But Lady Anne takes the time to prove it.


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