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    After the success of the Rookwood Picnic I will be organising more events throughout the year.  The first is a visit to the Museum of Human Disease at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) on the 18th of February.

    This is the only museum of its kind to be open to the public in Sydney, and the staff were very keen on having us attend.  They even offered to do a little presentation (at no extra cost) and will have one of the staff available to chat with us at 1:30, he did the mortuary sciences course and is in charge of maintaining the displays.

    I spent a little time here to see what it was like, and I was very impressed.  There is a large variety of very interesting displays, so it is well worth the $11 entry fee.

    It should be noted that this is not for everyone, as the displays are human parts with various illnesses (and some medical tools).  Personally I found it incredibly fun and interesting, and not confronting in the slightest, after all, they have high schools visit regularly.  Just be aware of what is on display before entering.

When  -  18th February, 12:30 (lunchtime).
* Arrive at about 12:30.
* Presentation at 1:00pm.
* Casual chat with staff member at 1:30pm.
Cost  -  $11 per person (free for UNSW staff and students).
Where  -  Ground floor of Samuels Building, UNSW, grid reference F25 on UNSW maps.

    Anyone interested please let me know soon!!  Do so by emailing me at:
    Or through the facebook page for this event:

-- If there are any concerns or questions you can contact me, or the museum itself (the staff were very friendly) with the information provided in this post.

UNSW Museum of Disease Links & Information:

Ground floor of Samuels Building, UNSW Kensington Campus.
Grid reference F25 on UNSW maps.

$11 per person, free for UNSW students and staff.

T (02) 9385 1522

Weekdays, 9am to 5pm.

Museum conditions of entry:
- Bags must be checked before entering.
- Strictly no photography or film inside.
- No food or drink.


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  1. An impressive post, I just gave this to a colleague who is doing a little analysis on event staffing and he is very happy and thanking me for finding it. But all thanks to you for writing in such simple words. Big thumb up for this blog post!


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